International Exhibition


Dear ladies and gentlemen!

On behalf of International exhibition company “Atakent-Expo” let us invite you to take part in XII Kazakhstan International Industrial Exhibition MACHINE BUILDING AND METALWORKING, which will take place in May 29 – 31, 2018 in Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan on the territory of Exhibition center “Atakent” in the network of Industrial Forum in Almaty.

29-31 May 2018

Exhibition Center "Atakent", Pavilion №9

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Main Subject:

1. Integrated technologies based on high-performance machines, tools, and equipment for modernization of factories.

1.1. Metal-cutting machinery:
• Intelligent machine tool units and hi-tech equipment;
• Special purpose machine-tools; precision, automatic and semi-automatic machines, universal manually controlled machines;
• Heavy-duty and unique machine-tools, automatic lines; NC and CNC machines, multi-purpose machines and complexes; flexible manufacturing cells and systems;
• Equipment for EDM, laser, plasma, and other non-traditional types of machining, equipment for combined processes of metal-working.
1.2. Metal-forming machinery:
• Mechanical and hydraulic presses and complexes;
• Automatic metal-forming machines, including CNC machines; forging machines and complexes;
• Flexible CNC press-forging machinery;
• Laser equipment and technology;
• Sheet metal working equipment and technology;
• Metal-cutting shears;
• Bending and leveling machines.
1.3. Foundry equipment.
1.4. Welding equipment.
1.5. Thermal treatment and coating equipment.
1.6. Metal-cutting tools:
• Blade cutters;
• Abrasive, diamond cutters and cutters made of super-hard materials;
• Auxiliary tools;
• Tooling systems, systems for tool coding and counting of cutting tools;
• Integrated tooling.
1.7. Control and measuring machinery, instruments and tools:
• CMM;
• Measuring devices in automated lines, in-process control devices, instruments for linear and angular measurements, surface and shape precision quality control devices;
• Diagnostic systems and devices for metal-cutting machines and tools.

2. Accessories, equipment, components, tooling, hardware and software:
• CNC programming systems and programmable controllers;
• CAE/CAD/CAM systems and programs, software;
• Metalworking equipment, automation facilities and elements including tooling magazines and stations, handling devices, industrial robots, stockpilers, automated warehouses, sensors and systems for automatic complete set;
• Complete electric equipment and drivers, including linear drives;
• Hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, lubrication and filtering devices;
• Reducers and motor-reducers;
• Blocks and couplings, bearings, rabberwares, consumables, etc.;
• Input data converters for control systems;
• Dies, mouldings, fittings and accessories.

3. Plastics processing machines and equipment.
• Injection-molding machine;
• Machinery and equipment for production and processing of plastics, rubber and composite materials;
• Processing machine;
• Equipment for preprocessing and recycling;
• Extruders and extrusion machines;
• Extrusion Line;
• Installations for casting;
• Press;
• Blow molding machines;
• Injection Molding Machines;
• Injection molding machines and accessories;
• Equipment for the production of foam platics and for processing thermosets;
• Equipment for finishing;
• Molds;
• Accessories, components, forms, matrices;
• Raw and ancillary materials (catalysts, stabilizers, fillers, foaming agents, pigments) for plastic production;
• Recycling products for plastics and rubber (semi-finished and finished products, also recycled materials);
• Preprocessing machines and facilities for plastic waste;
• Services in the production of plastics, rubber and composite materials.

4. Industrial automation.

5. Repair and modernization of equipment, spare parts and services.

6. Development of modern information CALS-technologies.

7. Scientific research projects, technological and design developments, production management.

Ceremony opening of the exhibition was attended by the following Officials:

  1. Chairman of the Board of the Power Engineers Union of the Republic of Kazakhstan – Mr. Kalyk A. Abdullayev;
  2. Chief specialist of the department of entrepreneurship and industry of Bostandyk district Administration – Ms. Margarita K. Meirkhanova;
  3. General Consul of the Consulate of the Russian Federation, Head of the Department of Russian cooperation in Almaty – Mrs. Irina V. Pereverzeva;
  4. Senior Adviser, Head of the Department of the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Almaty – Mr. Sergey S. Zhartun;
  5. Executive Director of the Public Association "Chamber of Tax Consultants" – Mrs. Gaukhar I.Tursynmuratova.

This year exhibitions were visited by more than 9% people compare with 2016 year: 80% of them were lead specialists of this industry. Total number of visitors in 2017 was 3100 people.